This Clothes Peg Is The Black Sheep Of The Family

This clothes peg got lost here. It’s overpriced ($12.26) and it is multifunctional which average clothes pegs found hard to accept. But despite what the others think about it, it adds a convenient touch to your every day routine if you’re someone who likes to read. It has a bright LED light that is great to be used as a book light or a regular flashlight and it small, lightweight and quirky enough to get along with the rest of the plain stuff you carry around.

Image: The Green Head

However, although it’s made out of beech wood, it’s not water-resistant due to the double CR2032 batteries that is powering the LED. So, it can’t be used to actually pin the clothes up unless it’s Halloween or for a prank. Two of these to pin up the shoulders of a t-shirt somewhere in the dark bushes will get the job done. Maybe that’s why it’s regarded as a disgrace. Or, it could have done something terrible that we don’t know about.

On the other hand, it feels like it’s trying to send a message with it’s size. It measures 3.7 by .5 by .9-Inch which is a little larger than your usual clothes peg. Could it be trying to convey that it’s being the bigger person to set the example for the younger generation to follow their dreams?

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