This Coffee Mug Has A Rubber Stopper To Keep The Coffee From Flowing Out

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Someone must have had really had it with the using-mug-without-permission drama that has been going on at home or at work to have the thought and time to come up with this. It’s a fair reaction though simply because having a decent conversation with this kind of person is useless.

The mug has not one warning symbol printed on it but two. And on top of that, there’s a plug located at the bottom which leaks out whatever drink that’s poured into it when not plugged in. It is the final and most concrete attempt to keep the stubborn parasite away.

That’s not to say there’s no margin of error as the parasite can still make him/herself a cup of coffee or tea till to the point right below the stopper and get away with using the mug. So, if that’s the kind of person you are dealing with, then is either you get a new job or you move out from wherever it is that you are living in.

But if he/she gives up easily then this mug is a good buy. Not just because it keeps him/her away of course. But also because the food-safe rubber stopper has a key ring attached to it, allowing it to be carried around wherever you go as a keychain and for the main course of the meal: having the peace of mind knowing that your mug is safe wherever it is.

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