This Coffee Mug Is Probably The Biggest You Have Ever Seen

Bigger is always better and the biggest is always the best. Not sure how true is this but there seems to be a lot of good things you can do with the biggest coffee mug you have ever seen. This coffee mug measures a whopping 10.2 inches wide and 6.7 inches tall. That’s bigger than a human head. In fact, you can fit an actual human head inside of this mug. But of course that’s not one of the good things you can do with it; you can use it as a serving bowl; decoration piece; container.

It’s called the gigantic cofffee mug and it’s made by a company called Allures & Illusions. They sell all kind of weird stuff such as syringe pen, wizard glasses, and huge scissors. But among all, this coffee mug is definitely their weirdest.

There are two variants. One is the one mentioned above and the other is a little smaller, featuring a 9 inch wide mouth and a 5 inch tall body. If they were both to be used as a real coffee mug, each of them is capable of holding a staggering 1.5 gallon and 1 gallon worth of scorching hot coffee in it.

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