This Cute Little Keychain Packs Quite A Punch When Used For Self-Defense  

For every man to get left behind is the true intended purpose of this cat self-defense keychain. All it takes is for the perpetrator to whip out his gun or machine gun and every guy, including the proud owners of this keychain, will be left to rot on the ground. For a sudden attack by a rapist which requires the act of self defense to come into play, however, this thing can do some serious damage. One jab right in the eye and the transgressor will be brought down instantaneously.

Although it’s lightweight, it is made out of ultra-hard plastic, and the way it rests securely on the palm of your hand when your two fingers are placed in the holes of the eyes makes it’s pointy ears dangerous to even the slightest punch. This thing only measures three inches tall and 2 inches wide. 

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