This Deck of Playing Cards is Almost Invisible

Dubbed as the “the invisible playing cards”, this deck of playing cards known as Aqua Deck that was launched on Kickstarter is still visible to the naked eye. But it is capable to achieve some level of invisibility if it’s immersed in the water, which thankfully—because of its transparent plastic material and transparent embossed printing—it is immersible.

Aqua Deck

The project is created by a company called MPC that stands for Make Playing Cards. In the past 6 years or so they have created thirteen playing cards projects among which the most-backed is this Aqua Deck and the Stealth Edition of the Impressions Playing Cards. The Stealth Edition is created in a way that looks like the exact opposite of the Aqua Deck.

Stealth Ed. of Impressions Playing Cards

Although both projects have come to an end, the playing cards are still purchasable on MPC’s official website—where they also provide a user-friendly online service for playing cards to be customized and purchased in real-time. The Aqua Deck is available for $19.50 and the Stealth Ed. for $14.95.

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