This Device Makes 7 Pancakes At Once. Making Pancakes For The Whole Family Can’t Be Easier

Is preparing breakfast (especially pancakes) a daily struggle for you? Pancakes are the go-to meal for breakfast; it just gets you in the right mood in the morning. But the struggle that you have to endure to prepare perfectly round pancakes tends to ruin the whole setting. And by the time you manage to prepare that one beautifully round pancake, oh-oh, it is time to head out! So, how can you prepare several perfect pancakes in one go?

The Flippin’ Fantastic is a pancake maker that enables you to prepare as many as SEVEN pancakes at once! That’s right; making your pancakes has never been so quick and effortless. However, as shown in the video below, the pan and as well as the device has to be buttered first before making pancakes. Also, it does not work too well on omelettes.

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