This egg drawer will be in your fridge like it never existed

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If there are not enough room for eggs in your fridge, this is your best bet. It adds an extra layer in your fridge without compromising the existing structure of the fridge. It’s like it never ever existed but it exists. It’s called the fridge egg drawer and it is able to hold a maximum of 18 eggs at a time.

Unfortunately for some, this egg drawer will not work. This is because the contact surface of the partition of the shelf needs to be more than 0.12 inches. If it’s less than that, it will not be able to attach on it which simply translates that the egg drawer will fall.

In short, only get it if you’re absolutely sure that your fridge shelf is capable of fitting it, or otherwise it will end up like the image you see below.

Other facts and figures include having the width of the partition to be in between 13.3 inches – 19.7 inches and also the partition should be no thicker than 0.6 inches. A lot of requirements but if your fridge falls under the category, let’s just say that it’s a perfect match.

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