This keyboard tray turns your regular work desk into a computer desk

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Now this is what we call “working together”. You will never see two parties working together better than this. It’s a keyboard tray that clamps onto your desk. It provides additional space for the keyboard that takes away too much space on your desk.

It turns your regular desk into a computer desk. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you made a purchase of a regular desk but end up using the desk as a computer desk. This thing will be your redemption.

There are two versions available with it: 20 inch and 27 inch. Both are for different lengths of keyboard. If you’re using the one with the numeric pads, then the 27 inch keyboard tray is to go for. Color choices are plenty too. Or should we say there’s a color to match whatever color your desk is: black, dark wood, light wood, vintage brown and plain white.

However, before you go ahead and purchase it, you should measure the thickness of your desk. The maximum thickness required so that the keyboard could easily slide back in is 1.25 inch. Anything more than that will not work.

There’s no drill and hammering needed. Your table will be left unharmed with or without it’s presence. But there are some assembling needed for the keyboard tray. Even so, you’re going to need just a screwdriver for it (screws are provided).

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