This lunchbox features a digital screen that allows you to reheat your food

No, it won’t blow up like one of those e-cigarettes. Well, there’s a chance for it to happen but at least it won’t blow up while it’s in your mouth or while it’s in your pocket. Jokes aside, this here is a rechargeable lunchbox which is designed to keep your food nice and hot. 

It is made by a company called LunchEAZE. It has a battery inside that when it’s fully charged, it is capable of heating your food for up to 2.5 hours to keep it hot while at the same time locking in flavor and moisture. After the 2.5 hours is done, you will need to recharge it back. Everything from the temperature and timer are adjustable through the tiny built-in screen or the Bluetooth app. Of course, you’re also able to control the duration of it’s heating process.

Loved the battery life and how hot it gets. I turned it on at 10 and ended up working through lunch at noon and didnt get to it until 2. It was still hot!! Price needs to come down a bit i feel

Stainless steel meal container

Inside of this lunchbox there’s a stainless steel meal container which is removable once it’s done heating up your food. So you can bring it as far away as possible and enjoy your meal without the thought of it exploding in front of your face. You’ll also get an insulated carrying bag.

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