This Modern LED Clock Is Ready To Set An Ambience In A Pitch-Black Room

The terror of waking up in the middle of the night in a pitch-black room can be avoided with this clock on the wall. This LED clock works both as a nightlight and a clock. Setting it up on the wall won’t look as good as you think though as the wire connecting to the power adapter will be clearly visible. On a nightstand, work desk or on the TV cabinet, however, let’s just say that they are made for each other.

Even if this thing were to exist 40-50 years ago, despite it’s cheaply made plastic body, you would still set your eyes on it because of it’s modern design and the features it has to offer; the brightness level can be adjusted to match the atmosphere of the room; alarm; temperature display and a remote control is included which everything from the time and date to it’s brightness level can be controlled from. That’s not all. The brightness level can also be set to “automatic” which makes the clock identify a suitable brightness level for the room throughout the day.

The clock measures 15″ wide and 5″ tall. There’s also a smaller 9.7 inch version. Speaking of versions, there are three options available with it and they are white (which indicates the color of the light), multicolor (can set up to seven colors—also more expensive) and warm light.

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