This Neck Pillow Is Hooded But It Doesn’t Look Weird At All

There’s nothing wrong with this neck pillow. The hood blends in so well with it it makes it seem like they are meant to be. Not only that, with it’s super soft external fabric, it makes journeys across the pacific ocean (or anywhere) an inch more comfortable and tolerable. How is this not a thing already? This particular neck pillow features a cartoonish face of an owl and there’s another variant which features the face of a cat.

If you don’t prefer any face on the hood, fret not. There’s another company called HoodiePillow who sells the same design but with a little more oomph. It has drawstring and all just like a real hoodie and speaking of real hoodie, it’s made with an 80/20 sweatshirt material. It’s super plush, super soft and comes with a variety of colors.

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