This Portable Electric Kettle Resembles A Little Bit Of Both A Thermos And An Electric Kettle

Unfortunately, as much as you want this portable electric kettle to be rechargeable, it’s not. Imagine it having the ability to boil 2 or 3 sets of water in a single charge. With no effort at all, you can boil water in the middle of nowhere. You can even make a cup of coffee or tea right at your office desk without having to leave to the pantry. It will be one of the best invention of mankind and also be one of the best things you have ever bought. But the disappointment ends there. Everything about this electric kettle is about to change your mind or maybe just leave you in awe. 

Image: Amazon

In a nutshell, the Sekaer portable electric kettle is just like a thermos but it can boil water and it’s just like an electric kettle but portable. Only thing that makes it better than a thermos and also better than most of the electric kettles out there is that it comes with four smart temperature presets;212, 195-175-140°F. But the preset temperatures don’t mean a thing as you can easily switch the kettle off as soon as it reaches your desired temperature ( the kettle displays the temperature of the water in real time until it reaches the boiling point). 

The exterior of this thing is made out of anti-scalding shell which prevents the surface from overheating while at the same time, to maintain the water temperature for a long time. On the inside, it’s 100 percent stainless steel.

Image: Amazon

It comes with three colours; white, green and pink. 

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