This Russian Design Firm Has Some Cool Doormat Designs

Image: Art.Lebedev

The Enteres is a Russian designed and made welcome doormat. It’s surface is comprised of natural coconut fiber which is safe for the environment, lasts longer, and helps clean dirt and mud from shoes more efficiently. First impression shows that the enter key here is based on the BIGass keycap design, but after much closer inspection, it looks like an inverted ISO. What say you?

Image: u/Ripster55-Reddit

Art. Lebedev Studio is the design firm behind it. This, however, is not their only doormat. They have five other versions with only the coolest doormats made available for purchasing: Enterus, Lunus, Lyukus and Syrus.

1. Domikus

2. Lunus

3. Lyukus

4. Parallelepipedus

5. Syrus

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