This Sofa Side Table Makes A Good Gift For Anyone With A Sofa

Being a couch potato is not for everyone. While it may seem fun and you may be jealous with their lifestyle, it’s actually quite a difficult thing to do. It takes patience and they need all the strength they can muster to focus on the tv while at the same time ignoring every temptation the outside world has to offer. Which is why they deserve to be gifted.

And this is the perfect gift for them. A side table for the sofa. The C-shape structure allows insertion into the sofa and also bed.

There are four colors available with it; black, deep brown, french oak grey and rustic brown. All of them feature a black metal frame. It also has a pocket to store magazines, newspaper and books . Besides a couch potato, it also makes the perfect gift for anyone with a sofa really, as it can be used as a laptop stand and as a sofa side table. Anyone with a bed too will be benefit from this (2-in-1 nightstand and a tray table).

However, if you are to get it as a gift for anyone, it is best to measure the height of the sofa armrest as this thing is not that tall. It’s only 24.5 inches in height. So anything taller than that will not work. But! Yes, there’s a but. A good kind of ‘but’. Even if the armrest of the sofa is taller than it, it can be inserted through the mid-section of the sofa as shown in the image below. Still comes to a good use.

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