This SpongeBob Sponge Holder Will Help You Battle Everyday Chores Like A True Champion

90s SpongeBob fans, it’s your day. You might feel old already but with this SpongeBob sponge holder, you can say that your life has only just begun. A brand new stage of life that doesn’t involve sitting in front of the tv all day watching Nickelodeon. It’s the real deal. Life as you know it experienced by you on the firsthand and this SpongeBob sponge holder will be your soldier, helping you battle everyday chores like a true champion. 

This sponge holder can sit anywhere; kitchen sink, bathroom sink, you name it. 

It also comes with a sticker if you feel like having it up on the wall. That’s not all included in the package, there’s also a SpongeBob face plate and some sponges. 

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