This travel electric kettle collapses into the size of a CD walkman player

Collapsible kettle is a better name for it instead of Silicone Travel Foldable Electric Kettle . When collapsed, it’s around the size of a CD walkman player which makes it suitable for travelling. There are many colors available with this one, blue, black, grey, pink and many more. You name it, and there’s a color for it. It also makes a good addition for a home. It will serve a dual purpose; for home use and for travelling. On top of that, it is also said to have dual voltage which means it can be used all over the world. But we are not sure how true is that when it only features an American power plug.

The kettle comes with a portable cover which is also very similar to the cover you get with a CD walkman player: round and has a zipper that goes around. The handle is removable to allow for the kettle to collapse and it, along with the power cord nicely fits into the casing.

In terms of how much water it can hold, and how fast it can boil the water, that’s 555ml and 3 minutes respectively. Once the boiled water’s temperature is below 75 degrees, the water will be brought to a boil again.

There’s also another buying option with this kettle. It’s only available in black and blue and it comes with a separate temperature control device. This device has 6 preset temperatures such as keep warm, delicate, oolong tea, white tea etc. This one costs about $10 more expensive which is $56.89. The original version cost $47.89.

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