This Umbra Floating Bookshelf Is Not Up To No Good

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This floating bookshelf by Umbra promotes the healthy use of space without sacrificing aesthetics. It is only made up of an L-shaped metal plate which gets concealed after a few books are placed on top of it, leaving no trace it exists in the first place—very much like the way Homer backs into the bushes and disappears.

The book that is placed right on top of the horizontal metal plate is the trick here. The bottom cover of this book completely conceals the horizontal metal plate and this bottom cover—which is supposed to hang open—stays closed with the help of two little hooks. These hooks can be seen but they do not give away what’s fully supporting the books up on the wall.

Hooks can be seen but not the horizontal metal plate.

This floating bookshelf a.k.a. “Supershelf” deals with it creatively. It uses a black metal superhero with an attached magnet to keep the cover of the book closed, making it look like the superhero is lifting the books up.

Coming back to the highlight of the post, there are two color options available with it, silver and white. But really what you should be picky about is the size.

No, Karen. This has nothing to do with people of color nor the size of a penis.

This is because the eventually concealed color of the L-shaped metal plate is not going to bother you anymore when the whole thing—including your books—comes crashing down. The small metal plate holds up to 15 pounds worth of books and the big one holds up to 20 pounds.

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