12 Unique Beer Bottle Openers

Beer bottle openers are meant to do one thing – which is to open up beer bottles. But life is too short for beer bottle openers to just be beer bottle openers.

One way to never misplace a beer bottle opener is by having it as a wall decor.

The best time to pop a cold bottle of beer open is when it’s right out of the freezer.

The second best time to pop a cold bottle of beer open is right in front of the TV while sitting on a very comfortable couch.

And the third best time to pop a cold bottle of beer open is while working on the grill.

Why crack a cold one with the boys when you can shotgun with the boys? And why use a key to score a hole in the beer can when you can use a proper tool for it.

Fashion accessories should have a purpose other than just sitting there looking cute and pretty.

If you collect beer bottle caps or you hate the fact that the cap always fall on the ground right after opening it, this is the one you should keep your eye on.

The adult way to play with beer bottle caps is to shoot it right into the trash can.

And if you’re always confused between drinking beer and wine, you can make a wise decision like one of the sharks from Shark Tank with this on your hand.

Being a cheapskate is a good thing because you will tend to seek more value in the things you buy. And this is one of those things that you will buy if you’re a cheapskate. It features a beer bottle opener, screwdriver, stylus, ruler, phone holder, bubble level and a pen.

If you’re that beach guy who gives no shit about anything but your beer, you might give a shit about these sandals.

Bartenders from all over the world that are working in an extremely busy nightclub have been praying for this to exist.

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