Using The Vaydeer Mouse Jiggler, IT Department Will Not Know A Thing

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The Vaydeer mouse jiggler is a device that plugs into your computer via USB port and ocassionally sends a message to the mouse to move it’s cursor to keep the screen from going to sleep. A handy device for workplace and university computers which tends to autolock when left idle. When connected to a computer, it is recognized as a regular mouse instead of an unknown USB device, so the coast is clear on IT department’s side.

Cool thing about it is that it doesn’t require any software installations for it to work, just plug and play.

It’s very simple to use. It has a button on it and pushing it will get it to work silently on the background. The blue light is the indicator that it’s ON.

From a standpoint of a passerby who happens to catch a glimpse of it and knows nothing about it, it looks like some sort of device that came out of the laboratories of the Secret Intelligence Service. For a gadget enthusiast, on the other hand, it’s curiosity igniting slim rectangular body with curved edges that is made out of high quality plastic is a piece of genuine gold bar.

It supports Windows, iOS and Linux. Price is $21.99. If it rings you a bell, it’s about the size of a Nokia 7280, only an inch or so shorter. Exact measurements of the block is 2.95″ long, width of 1.14″ and thickness of 0.6″. The length of the cable is 9.64″.

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