Very Insecure But Thoughtful and Open-Minded Is What The iStorage datAshur PRO² Is

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By default, a password can be set on any types of flash drives using a computer, however, “cross-pollination” won’t be able to take place. Meaning that when the password is set using a Mac, access to the flash drive on a Windows will be denied and vice versa. So, the existence of this is for a much-needed cause.

It allows a 7-15 alpha-numberic PIN to be set and when that is done, cross-pollination is activated. The files on the flash drive are readable and transferable between both Mac and Windows with the PIN still being required beforehand. Chrome too. There’s no need for any software to be installed on the computers. It is a self-made man.

It’s quite a secure thing. The PIN has to be input quickly within a 10 seconds window or otherwise it has to be inputted again. If the PIN is entered incorrectly for 10 times, all data will be deleted and lost forever.

It can also be administered. It supports the creation of a separate user profile, storage and PIN.

Other facts and figures include, AES-XTS 256-bit encryption, USB3.2, 168MB/s read speed, 116MB/s write speed and has seven variants: 8GB all the way up to 512GB with a price scale of $52 to $320.

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