Here’s Why One Fast Cat is Only Meant for Active and Playful Cats

One Fast Cat is a type of running wheel for cats that works similarly to the running wheel for hamsters. However, unlike a 9-inch hamster wheel which most hamsters prefer running on, this running wheel for cats is 48-inch in diameter and most cats don’t prefer running on it.

There are many evidence. For instance, in the following video, Trevor Martin bought it for his cat, a black cat named Bella, and after three days in a row of trying to get it to run on it, his cat didn’t even complete a cycle on it—not even half a cycle.

Another evidence can be found on Evan and Katelyn’s YouTube channel where they build a cat running wheel all by themselves and tried it out on their cat, a black cat named Joob.

But it’s not because they are black that they don’t prefer running on it as there is also evidence of a black cat named Black that sort of jogs on it, which is technically not running but acceptable as “running” since it doesn’t have an eye and its other eye is cloudy. By the way, the type of wheel used here is known as Hoiru Cat Wheel.

It’s actually because of their character that most cats don’t run on it. As shown in the following videos, like Black—the cat with one eye—only cats that are active and playful seems to be interested in running on it.

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