YouTube Hides Dislike Count To Protect Content Creators

After 16 years of operation, YouTube has decided that removing the dislike count on their videos is the way to go. But the dislike button, the one that is famous for helping boost your ego up is still there. Just the numbers will be removed.

Only the content creator will be able to access the figures through YouTube studio. According to TechCrunch, this new implementation will take effect on all YouTube videos starting today.

Once it’s all done, the following image is how the button would look like on your device. A little weird, in other words.

Image: TechCrunch

But this is for a good cause. Which is to protect content creators from ‘dislike attacks’ (a group of users ganging up to dislike a video) that happens regularly.

“We’ve heard from creators that the public dislike counts can impact their well-being and may motivate a targeted campaign of dislikes on a creator’s video”.

The fact the dislikes contributes to the search algorithm remains unchanged.

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