Does Puloh.com sell anything?

Puloh.com is a blog. Puloh.com does not sell anything directly to users. Puloh.com just explains the products in detail and what they do in a comical way and sometimes in plain English. In other words, all the products that are linked on Puloh.com are not sold and shipped by Puloh.com.

How does Puloh.com earn money?

When it comes to websites and blogs, earning money is always something of a mystery for most users. Well, with this explanation here, we hope that the mystery is solved: Puloh.com earns money from commissions. When users click on the link of a product on Puloh.com, users will be redirected to a third-party website that actually sells and ships the product (such as Amazon, Etsy, etc). If a user buys the product, only then Puloh.com will earn a commission.

However, not all products that are linked in Puloh.com has a commission allocated when purchased. Some products will not earn Puloh.com anything. This is because those websites don’t have any commission-based program for Puloh.com to participate in. But Puloh.com is more than just the commission – as we explained in the About Puloh.com page, Puloh.com is all about discovering unique products.

Is there any other way Puloh.com earns money?

Besides commissions, Puloh.com also accepts sponsored products. Sponsored products are products that are published in Puloh.com in return for a small payment in advance—some companies approach Puloh.com to publish a product so that it could get more exposure.

Puloh.com will label the product as “Sponsored” somewhere that is visible so that users will not be cheated.

How to have a product published in Puloh.com?

If you have found a product that you think other users of Puloh.com should check out, then you can send the details of the product using this form here. If the product is unique and has not been published in Puloh.com before, only then it will be published.

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