10 Reasons Why This Is The Best Headset To Use In The Office


  1. It is affordable.
  2. It has decent sound quality.
  3. It’s comfortable to wear for long hours.
  4. Although it does not have noise cancellation, the ear cups are big enough to cover your entire ears and block minor noises.
  5. Speaking of noise cancellation, the microphone actually has noise canceling feature built in it. It makes your voice sound very clear for the person you are communicating with even if there’s quite a lot of noise in your office.
  6. The microphone can be adjusted. You can push it upwards when not in use and push it downwards where your mouth is when in use.
  7. And there’s a mute button to mute the microphone – very, very useful.
  8. It’s connected via USB only which keeps it strictly for office use since you can’t use it on your smartphone.
  9. The cord is long enough (233cm) for you to drag your chair here and there without having to accidentally take your whole computer down.
  10. It’s long-lasting.