3-in-1 Calculator, Keypad and Mouse


Most laptops and computers nowadays have calculator software which can be used to make simple calculations without the need for a calculator. Even Google search engine has a calculator built-in – simply search “calculator” and a calculator will appear in the search result which works accurately.

The only downside of using those calculators is that it will not feel like a real calculator if your keyboard does not have a keypad. Introducing this 3-in-1 calculator, keypad and mouse by Canon. It’s an actual wireless mouse with keypad and calculator functionality built-in it. The keypad on it allows you to use the software-based calculators properly. It has a small calculator screen built on it so that you can make calculations on the mouse itself if you ever find the need to go back to basics.

What I like about it besides all the above is the “Send” feature. It allows you to make calculations using the built-in calculator screen and send the results to your computer by pressing on the “Send” button. So for example, if you are typing an email for a client and you want to insert the price of an item, however, the price has not been calculated with shipping and service fee yet, with the “Send” feature you can quickly make the calculations using the built-in calculator on the mouse and press the “Send” button. The result of the calculation will be sent to exactly where the cursor is in the email – allowing you to proceed typing out the email in one smooth flow.

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