A Back Pocket For Your Smartphone


There are two groups of people in this world. There are a group of people who believe in phone casings and there are a group of people who don’t. I can very much say that I belong in the group who don’t. That’s because I like the way most smartphones nowadays feel on the hand – it makes me feel like I’m worth a million dollars.

Which is why I tend to review most smartphone accessories out there except smartphone casings.

This is another smartphone accessory which I fell in love with. It’s a stretchable cardholder that can be stuck to the back of a smartphone. It can be used to hold a maximum of 3 cards such as an ATM card, public transport card, and a work/student ID card. Although more cards can fit inside due to its stretchiness, the bottom part of it is only capable of gripping 3 cards in place –  if you put another card in, it will not go all the way in.

In my opinion, if you take public transportation often, this thing will come in really handy. That’s because it allows you to easily scan your public transportation card while doing the one thing you always do while riding on the public transport –  which is using your smartphone. Or, if your work/study place uses a sort of access card to access all locations, this thing will come in handy too.

It can be stuck to the back of a smartphone even if the smartphone has casing on.

Available in 15 different colors.