A Better Fetch Ball


Most of the time, the ball that is used to play fetch with a dog is a tennis ball. And there is nothing wrong about it.

However, a tennis ball is fibrous which means that it absorbs the dog’s saliva and make it smelly over time. Although you still can wash the ball to make the smell go away, it will be deformed (due to the dog chewing on it) and the fiber will shed over time (due to the washing) which as a result will make the ball look ugly.

Which is why this Ultra Ball is a better alternative. It’s made out of natural rubber which makes it easy to clean and you will never have to worry about its shape being deformed. On top of that, it’s manufactured by Chuckit! – an innovative dog toy company that has been around for more than 20 years.

They have also manufactured a similar version that whistles in the air when it’s thrown. It’s called The Whistler Ball.