A Book That Contains Images You Should Not Masturbate To


Masturbating is something that is hard to resist in this era. This is because images of a sexy model seem to be found everywhere. And on top of that, porn sites are free to be accessed anytime and anywhere.

This book, however, is published for you to take control of the habit. It contains images you should not masturbate to such as an unplucked pickle, a pair of dishwashing gloves and more.

But then again, I’m not sure if it works. Based on the reviews left by verified purchasers of the book, some say that the images were difficult to masturbate to, but not impossible. There are some who found the images to be uniquely arousing.

Either way, I think this book makes a great addition to the bathroom reading material collection. Similar to this 52 ways to take a shit book.

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