A Footrest Cushion for a Better Sitting Position


This footrest cushion or you can call it the foot pillow is something that you are going to need if you spend an awful lot of time sitting in the office. It helps you sit better in terms of posture and it reduces knee pain, leg pain, hip pain, calf strain, sore feet, ankle pain, lower back pain, back fatigue, leg cramps, numbness in legs and feet and other sorts of pain that you would normally get when you spend too much time sitting on a chair.

In fact, I can guarantee you that once you make use of this foot pillow, your feet will never get enough of it. That’s because it’s very comfortable. On top of that, your body will somehow adapt to the new sitting position – whenever you sit without it, your body won’t feel good.

And due to its convenient size, you can bring it back home and use it while sitting on the couch or you can just buy two of these and have one placed at home and one placed in the office.