A Nice and Sturdy Portable Grill (Hibachi-Style)


As a person who comes from a non-grilling background, this is just a portable grill – that’s because the grill is small in size and it has a handle which can be easily carried around. But, after doing some reading about it, I found out that this is in fact a type of grill called Hibachi. It’s a popular type of charcoal-powered grill from Japan that is normally used to grill “Yakitori” (a Japanese type of skewered chicken).

Aside from that, it makes the perfect grill for one. Heat up the charcoal, throw some sausages and some skewered shrimps on it and days can never be better.

This is also not some light weight griller that will fall apart after a few uses, this is made out of cast iron and it weighs 12kg. It can be used for a lifetime.