A Proper Pencil Case for a Grown-Up


I personally like products by Bellroy. I’ve purchased their Note Sleeve wallet about 3 years ago and I still use it until today. The wallet still looks good and I still feel good using it.

What I really like about their products besides quality is the design of their products. Very stylish, very thoughtful, very slim and very minimalist – a product design that is craved by most millennials, including me.

And now, I have my eyes on their leather pencil case. I haven’t bought it yet, but I will buy it in two or three months time when I feel that I should not be too stingy and spend some of my savings. It is a proper pencil case for a grown-up – very straightforward with a color that screams “I’ve got it all figured out”.

Other than that, I also like how each end of the pencil case has a loop to make opening and closing the case really easy.