A Recipe Book By Snoop Dogg


A recipe book by Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Martha Stewart are very common nowadays. What’s not common is this recipe book by Snoop Dogg. It contains recipes which the man personally likes cooking and eating for himself; for example, Stack’d Up Flap Jacks which is a type of pancake recipe, Cinnamon Rollin’ which is a type of cinnamon roll and many more.

What I personally like about it is the way the recipes are elaborated. It has a Snoop Dogg touch to it – because it’s elaborated by the man himself. So, you can expect some West Coast street slangs thrown here and there.

There are a total of 50 recipes in this book. And in case if you are wondering if the recipes need cannabis as the ingredient, the answer is no – in other words, the recipes are children-friendly.

Note: It also makes the perfect gift for a Snoop Dogg fan in your circle of friends or family.

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