A Set of 4 Waterproof Shoe Bags Priced @ $11.88


If you ever need a bag to store your shoes and slippers for when you go traveling, you should go for this. This is not one, not two, but four shoe bags (it comes in a set of four) that are waterproof. Two of them are standard size bags that is capable of fitting shoes such as Converse, jogging shoes, sneakers, crocs, high heels, etc. And the other two are bigger in size which allows you to fit shoes like boots, basketball shoes, etc.

And in case you are a woman who is planning to buy this and fit high heels inside of it, you don’t need to worry about the heels piercing the bag. That’s because the fabric of the bag is of good quality.

Note: Since there are four bags, you can actually use one or two of them for shoes and use the rest for storing other stuff such as bath towel, toiletries, etc – it will help you organize your luggage.