A Set of 8 Beautiful Mandala Style Coasters


The pattern details and the colors on these mandala style coasters are perfect and extremely beautiful. Anyone who is looking for a set of coasters will definitely say YES to this. Unless the person is blind.

Besides the looks, these are made out of ceramic and underneath are cork mat which allows the coasters to lightly grip the surface that it’s placed on. Speaking of ceramic, the coasters feel very sturdy and heavy. They also feel like they belong in a king’s castle.

The only thing I don’t understand about it is that it absorbs water. Does a solid material absorb water? Well, based on the product page it says that it uses absorbent ceramic – a type of ceramic that absorbs water. What a time to be alive eh? This means that you can leave your cold drinks on it for as long as you wish and never worry about the water droplets outside of the cup flooding your table.

Also included with the coasters is a black iron coaster holder which you can use to store the coasters neatly when they are not in use.