A Sturdy Beach Chair


This is unlike any other beach chairs which you come across in a hypermarket. This is the Ferrari of beach chairs. It’s built with strong rust-proof materials which as a result is capable of holding up to 130kg of weight.

On top of that, it has pouches in convenient areas for you to be able to store your phone, wallet, keys, drinks and other things that you normally bring to a beach like a sunscreen, sunglass, a book, etc. One of the pouches which is located at the back of the chair is insulated which allows you to keep your drinks nice and cool.

The chair can also be reclined to 5 different positions. You can even have it lay flat so that you can have the sun on your back. However, I recommend you to use this ultimate sunbathing chair instead if you are planning to get sun on your back. That’s because the ultimate sunbathing chair has an open/close face cavity that allows you to get sun on your back while lying facedown – avoiding neck strain and at the same time allowing you to read a book or scroll through your tablet to pass the time.

Anyways, coming back to this beach chair, it also has a towel bar on the back which you can use to hang a wet/dry towel.

What more can you ask from a beach chair? Built-in pillow for the head for pleasant lounging? It’s got it!