A T-Shirt with a Delicious-Looking Plate of Pancakes Printed on it


This t-shirt is designed by 6 Dollar Shirts. They are known as 6 Dollar Shirts because most of their t-shirts are priced at $6. Despite their affordable pricing, their t-shirts are genuinely cool. And some are funny – like this Beach Better Have My Money t-shirt.

However, this one, in particular, is priced at $12. It’s probably because of the vivid colors that are used to print the delicious-looking plate of pancakes which causes an increase in cost.

Either way, it makes a good casual t-shirt to wear out and about. It will surely get passers mouth-watering and immediately go looking for pancakes. Or you can just wear it because you love pancakes to bits.

There’s only one color available, which is light blue and it comes in many sizes (up to 3XL).