A T-Shirt With A Screw Printed On It And The Word “YOU” At The Bottom Of It


Wearing a t-shirt that clearly says “Screw You”, when you are out and about, is not something polite. That’s because there are children around. They might be wondering what it means and you’ve got some explaining to do to their parents.

But, wearing this t-shirt that features a single screw and the word “You” will probably get children to think that it’s just another t-shirt because, for them, it’s too complicated to understand as their brains are not developed enough to understand the combination of pictures and words. Besides, they got some other better things to see like a remote control car in a toy shop or the ice cream stand across the street.

Personally, I like wearing these types of t-shirts not because I want to intimidate passerby but because it feels like freedom.

This is a unisex t-shirt that comes in four different colors; black, white, navy and sport grey. And it’s available in many different sizes; from Small up to Triple XL.