Adult Couple Halloween Costume – Featuring Ketchup and Mustard Bottle


If you and your significant other have no idea on what to be this coming Halloween, how about becoming a ketchup and mustard bottle? Although it does not look as extravagant as Mr. & Mrs. Smith or Bonnie and Clyde costume, it’s still a valid costume that will definitely get more approvals compared to just wearing a clown nose.

Speaking of extravagant, these are very affordable. And yes, the hats are included.

The only thing you should be cautious about when it comes to buying these is both your body sizes. That’s because they come in one size which only fits height that’s between 170 – 180cm, chest 100 – 120cm, waist 80 – 105cm, and hips 105 – 120cm. So, if either one of you has a body size that does not fall in the measurements, I’m sorry to say that it’s time for a partner switch.

However, if partner switch is not an option, how about trying this peanut butter and jelly Halloween costume? It’s more suitable for adults with a weird body proportion.