Affordable and Compact Lunch Bag for Both Adults and Kids


The seller of this lunch bag mentioned that this lunch bag is only meant for kids. And I strongly disagree. That’s because I think with the space that it has to offer, it can also be used by adults to bring lunch from home to work. It measures 9.45 inch in length, 5.91 inches wide and 3.15 inch tall. To paint you a better picture of how big it is, it can comfortably fit 3 cans of 355ml Coke.

Aside from that, the inside of the bag is aluminum lining with foam. It is capable of keeping the food warm for at least 3 – 4 hours time. And it’s also capable of keeping it cold the same amount of time if in case you decide to store something cold inside such as an ice-cold can of beer or chopped fruits. On top of that, the aluminum lining with foam is waterproof which keeps the outside dry even if something decided to leak on the inside.

Speaking of the outside, the outside of this lunch bag is made of durable polyester material. And it has a handle to allow you to lift it conveniently. It comes in many different color options too!