Affordable Apron for Kids (3 – 7 Years Old)


Some of you may ask, why on earth kids need an apron for? Well, that’s because they want to do things which we adults are too lazy to do such as cooking, baking, and painting. And this apron will keep their clothes nice and clean – which is really all we care about.

This apron can be worn by kids from 3 – 7 years old. It works exactly like a normal adult apron, just that it’s way smaller and cuter.

It’s sold in a set of 12 and it comes in six different colors (2 of each). If you think it’s too much because you only have one kid, well, it’s time to throw a painting party or any other messy party and invite other kids to join in. Or otherwise, you will need to start getting busy to produce more kids just so the numbers match.