Affordable Electric Powered Balloon Inflator


First of all, I should make it clear for those of you reading this that this thing inflates the balloon with normal air and not helium gas. In other words, the balloon does not float if it’s inflated using this thing.

That said, this thing does top-notch work in inflating balloons. All you need to do is fix the balloon on either one of the two nozzles available and the balloon will be inflated in a matter of seconds. You can even have another person inflating balloons with the other nozzle at the same time so that you can have more balloons inflated at a shorter period of time. And if you look closely at the machine, you will notice two smaller nozzles hidden at the back – those nozzles can be removed and fixed onto the main nozzles so that you can inflate smaller balloons.

It is electrically powered. There is a 2 pin plug hidden inside of the tiny door located on the side (as you can see from the picture).

Based on the reviews left by verified purchasers on it’s Amazon page, this thing can be used to inflate many balloons continuously. Even if there are a thousand balloons. It never overheats and it never gives any trouble.