Affordable + Reliable Luggage Scale


If you travel often, you will need to have a luggage scale by your reach. This is to avoid unnecessary fines at the airport luggage check-in counter due to luggage overweight.

However, if you can’t find anyone selling a luggage scale, have it delivered to your doorstep by Etekcity. Etekcity is an official Amazon partner who sells smart products for smart living. This digital luggage scale featured here is one of their best-selling products. It’s also very affordable, $8.99.

It’s capable of scaling luggage that’s up to 110 pounds in weight. It can also be used to scale other sorts of stuff too such as a bag of fruits, a package, etc.

It’s able to measure in both pounds and kilograms and it has a temperature sensor (This has nothing to do with luggage scaling. It’s an added feature. Added feature is always a good thing).