AmazonBasics Shredder – Great Performance for Half the Price


  1. It shreds quietly like a snake sheds its skin.
  2. It has an overheat signal so that you don’t overheat it – makes it last longer.
  3. It shreds automatically when a paper is inserted.
  4. It has reverse functionality for times that you have accidentally inserted the wrong thing.
  5. A maximum of 8 sheets of papers can be shredded at once.
  6. It’s strong enough to shred a credit card.
  7. There are three different shredding levels available to choose from; strip-cut, cross-cut and micro-cut. The cross-cut and micro-cut makes it even harder for someone to infer the shredded papers.
  8. The shredder is tested before being shipped to you so that you don’t get a faulty unit.