An Alarm Clock That Is Inspired By PlayStation 4 Controller


I know that the PlayStation 4 controller can take control of Kratos (the main character from God of War) and I know that it can also take on the world with games like Grand Theft Auto. But, can it take control of you? Nope, I don’t think so.

As we all know, time is the biggest controller of our lives. It tells us when to wake up, when to sleep, when to eat, when to go to work, and when to do basically everything.

My point is, with this PlayStation 4 controller inspired alarm clock, the PlayStation 4 controller not only controls some virtual character, but it also controls you. Of course, you are the master of both the controllers – similar to how you take control of the PS4 controller, you get to take control of your life by setting your own time and alarm (you can set it 15 minutes faster than the real-time, 15 minutes slower, an hour faster, an hour slower or whatever).

What I like about it besides its appearance is that it’s not battery powered like most alarm clocks. It’s USB powered.