An Aluminium Tablet Stand That Looks Like Wall-E


If you ever dreamt of having Wall-E to carry the tablet for you while you use it, having this tablet stand is the closest you will get to the dream. That’s because once you place your tablet on it, it will look like Wall-E is carrying the tablet for you – although it does not entirely look like Wall-E, the Wall-E structure is there.

The tablet stand can also be adjusted – for example, you can have the tablet angled at 60 degrees, you can have it angled at 45 degrees, and you can even have it upright 90 degrees. It’s as flexible as Wall-E’s hands.

Built quality wise, it’s strong and sturdy. And the joints that allow it to be angled is also tight enough to hold all sorts of tablets (even large tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will be able to rest on it without any issues).