Attachable Steering Wheel Tray


Have you ever found yourself needing to write in the car? Did you use your steering wheel as a surface to write on?

Introducing the attachable steering wheel tray. And say goodbye to writing on your steering wheel.

This tray here can be attached to any type of steering wheels.

You can use it to write on, place your laptop on it to work on an important office document while stuck in the traffic, have your lunch while stuck in traffic or even roll a joint while stuck in traffic.

The best part about it is that you don’t need any screws or double-sided stickers to attach it. That’s because it’s shape is designed to fit the outline of a steering wheel like two lego pieces.

There are seven color options available with it; black, white, mahogany, gray, blonde baltic birch, green camoflage, and urban camoflage.

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