Back Cleaning Band


Is it only me or are you also having a tough time cleaning your back with your bare hands? I’m pretty sure you are too unless you have arms that can be extended to reach the midsection of the back.

So, if you don’t have arms that can be extended, you are going to need this back cleaning band or also known as a back scrubber. This back cleaning band has two sides of it, similar to the comic book character, Two-Face. On one side, it has a sponge-like surface to clean the back and on the other side, it has a smooth microfiber surface which is to softly massage the skin. And on each end of the band, there are handles to allow you to easily clean your back similar to how you dry your back with a towel – it really does help you clean every section of your back including the upper arms and elbow.

Using it as often as you shower will help you keep your back clean and smooth. It also prevents your pores from getting clogged.

On the other hand, this band does not absorb water. So, after you are done using it, you can just hang it on the shower or anywhere and it will not get moldy.