Batman LEGO Clock


Do you think LEGO only makes bricks that can be connected to each other? Hell No!

Here’s a Batman LEGO clock. It features the popular Batman minifigure by LEGO but with a clock attached to its belly area. Cool eh?

The clock works like any other digital clock. It comes with an alarm and snooze feature and it has the standard 12-hour display. It also has a backlight which lights up when you press on the head.

Other than that, you can adjust the position of the hands and the legs to make it look like it’s walking or you can have both legs to be bent to look like it’s sitting.

It’s 9.5 inches tall which is quite big for a LEGO – roughly about the size of a small teddy bear. The size makes it suitable to be placed on a nightstand or on a computer desk.

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