Best Auntie Ever T-Shirt for the Ladies


Deep down, no one likes to be called an auntie. I’m talking based on an uncle’s perspective – I don’t like to be called an uncle too. Unfortunately, we got to be called the way we look or otherwise we will be labeled as a pedo (pedophile). It’s just the way the society works. Anyways, I think most of us are used to it because no knife is sharper than the train of thoughts when we were called an auntie or an uncle the first time.

If you who are reading this have been recently called as an auntie for the very first time and can’t stand about the negativity it brings to your mind, here’s one way to transform the negativity to positivity. It’s a t-shirt that says Best Auntie Ever. And if you look at the first letter of the words vertically, it spells BAE (Before Anyone Else).

Available in many different sizes and many different colors.

Note: If you who are reading this have no idea what I wrote above and just surfing around the web for a gift for your auntie, just ignore whatever I wrote.