Bob’s Burgers Recipe Book (Contains 75 Burger of the Day Recipes)


If you have ran out of creative ideas on the type of burgers to make, you should get this Bob’s Burgers recipe book. It contains 75 burger recipes from the popular animated sitcom known as Bob’s Burgers – it’s about Bob Belcher who runs a burger restaurant known as Bob’s Burgers with his wife and their three children.

It contains some weird burger recipes which I can guarantee you have never tried before. For example, Poutine On The Ritz Burger, Sweaty Palms Burger, and Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka-Dot Zucchini Burger.

Apparently, in every episode of the sitcom, there will be a new burger of the day featured. This recipe book is based on that.

But of course, not all burgers from the sitcom is in the book. Only 75 handpicked and proven delicious ones are there. Each recipe even tells you what season and episode the particular burger is from.

Note: It also makes the perfect gift for a Bob’s Burgers fan in your circle of friends or family.